iPhone VoiceOver Commands

These are recorded using an iPhone Xs Max running iOS 14.0.1 from Settings > Accessibility > VoiceOver > Commands > All Commands.

VoiceOver modifier key = control + option


Activate1 finger double tapSpace
Escape2 finger scrub`
Magic Tap2 finger double tap-
Perform Long Press1 finger triple tapshift M
Secondary Activate1 finger quadruple tapnone

Basic Navigation

Move to Bottom of ContainernoneEnd shift
Move to Bottom of Documentnonenone
Move to First ItemnoneHome
Move to Item Abovenonenone
Move to Item Belownonenone
Move to Last ItemnoneEnd
Move to Linked ItemnoneJ
Move to Next Containernonenone
Move to Next Item1 finger swipe right
Move to Next Visible Appnone]
Move to Previous Containernonenone
Move to Previous Item1 finger swipe left
Move to Previous Visible Appnone[
Move to Status BarnoneM
Move to Top of ContainernoneHome shift
Move to Top of Documentnonenone

Text Navigation

Move to Next Blockquotenonecommand Q
Move to Next Color Changenonecommand K
Move to Next Font Changenonecommand O
Move to Next Item with Bold Textnonecommand B
Move to Next Item with Italic Textnonecommand I
Move to Next Item with Plain Textnonecommand P
Move to Next Item with Underlined Textnonecommand U
Move to Next Misspelled Wordnonecommand E
Move to Next Same Blockquotenonecommand W
Move to Next Style Changenonecommand C
Move to Previous Blockquotenonecommand shift Q
Move to Previous Color Changenonecommand shift K
Move to Previous Font Changenonecommand shift O
Move to Previous Item with Bold Textnonecommand shift B
Move to Previous Item with Italic Textnonecommand shift I
Move to Previous Item with Plain Textnonecommand shift P
Move to Previous Item with Underlined Textnonecommand shift U
Move to Previous Misspelled Wordnonecommand shift E
Move to Previous Same Blockquotenonecommand shift W
Move to Previous Style Changenonecommand shift C
Move to Next Characternoneshift →
Move to Next Paragraphnoneshift Page Down
Move to Next Sentencenonecommand Page Down
Move to Next Wordnonecommand A
Move to Previous Characternoneshift ←
Move to Previous Paragraphnoneshift Page Up
Move to Previous Sentencenonecommand Page Up
Move to Previous Wordnonecommand shift A

Advanced Navigation

Item Text SearchnoneF
Move to Next Columnnonecommand Y
Move to Next Controlnonecommand J
Move to Next Different Itemnonecommand D
Move to Next Framenonecommand F
Move to Next Headingnonecommand H
Move to Next Imagenonecommand G
Move to Next Linknonecommand L
Move to Next Listnonecommand X
Move to Next Same Headingnonecommand M
Move to Next Same Itemnonecommand S
Move to Next Tablenonecommand T
Move to Next Visited Linknonecommand V
Move to Previous Columnnonecommand shift Y
Move to Previous Controlnonecommand shift J
Move to Previous Different Itemnonecommand shift D
Move to Previous Framenonecommand shift F
Move to Previous Headingnonecommand shift H
Move to Previous Imagenonecommand shift G
Move to Previous Linknonecommand shift L
Move to Previous Listnonecommand shift X
Move to Previous Same Headingnonecommand shift M
Move to Previous Same Itemnonecommand shift S
Move to Previous Tablenonecommand shift T
Move to Previous Visited Linknonecommand shift V
Move to System-Focused Itemnoneshift Fn 4
Next Search ResultnoneG
Previous Search Resultnoneshift G


Redo3 finger double tap, hold, and flick rightnone
Undo3 finger double tap, hold, and flick leftnone


Next Rotor2 finger rotate clockwisecommand →
Next Rotor Item1 finger swipe down
command ↓
Previous Rotor2 finger rotate counterclockwisecommand ←
Previous Rotor Item1 finger swipe up
command ↑


Scroll Down3 finger swipe upnone
Scroll Left3 finger swipe rightnone
Scroll Right3 finger swipe leftnone
Scroll Up3 finger swipe downnone

Speech & Audio

Toggle Audio Duckingnonenone
Toggle Mute3 finger double tapS
Toggle Speech2 finger single tapnone