iPhone VoiceOver Commands Keyboard Shortcuts

These are recorded using an iPhone Xs Max running iOS 14.0.1 from Settings > Accessibility > VoiceOver > Commands > Keyboard Shortcuts.

VoiceOver modifier key = control + option

Magic Tap-
Watch Itemshift -
Label Item/
Toggle Lock Modifier Keys;
Move to Previous Visible App[
Switch to Previous Appshift [
Move to Next Visibile App]
Switch to Next Visibile Appshift ]
Read AllA
Previous Wordcommand shift A
Next Wordcommand A
Read From TopB
Move to Previous Item with Bold Textcommand shift B
Move to Next Item with Bold Textcommand B
Read CharacterC
Copy Speech to Clipboardshift C
Move to Previous Style Changecommand shift C
Move to Next Style Changecommand C
Move to Previous Different Itemcommand shift D
Move to Next Different Itemcommand D
Move to Previous Misspelled Wordcommand shift E
Move to Next Misspelled Wordcommand E
Item Text SearchF
Previous Item with 3D Touchshift F
Move to Previous Framecommand shift F
Move to Next Framecommand F
Next Search ResultG
Previous Search Resultshift G
Move to Previous Imagecommand shift G
Move to Next Imagecommand G
Move to Previous Headingcommand shift H
Move to Next Headingcommand H
Show Item ChooserI
Move to Previous Item with Italic Textcommand shift I
Move to Next Item with Italic Textcommand I
Move to Linked ItemJ
Move to Previous Controlcommand shift J
Move to Next Controlcommand J
Start HelpK
Move to Previous Color Changecommand shift K
Move to Next Color Changecommand K
Read LineL
Describe Itemshift L
Move to Previous Linkcommand shift L
Move to Next Linkcommand L
Move to Status BarM
Perform Long Pressshift M
Move to Previous Same Headingcommand shift M
Move to Next Same Headingcommand M
Read Hintshift N
Move to Previous Font Changecommand shift O
Move to Next Font Changecommand O
Move to Previous Item with Plain Textcommand shift P
Move to Next Item with Plain Textcommand P
Toggle Single Letter Quick NavQ
Move to Previous Blockquotecommand shift Q
Move to Next Blockquotecommand Q
Read Row HeaderR
Toggle MuteS
Move to Previous Same Itemcommand shift S
Move to Next Same Itemcommand S
Read Text StyleT
Read Table Row Columnshift T
Move to Previous Tablecommand shift T
Move to Next Tablecommand T
Read URLshift U
Move to Previous Item with Underlined Textcommand shift U
Move to Next Item with Underlined Textcommand U
Move to Previous Visited Linkcommand shift V
Move to Next Visited Linkcommand V
Read WordW
Move to Previous Same Blockquotecommand shift W
Move to Next Same Blockquotecommand W
Move to Previous Listcommand shift X
Move to Next Listcommand X
Move to Previous Columncommand shift Y
Move to Next Columncommand Y
Move to Previous Item
Previous Charactershift ←
Previous Rotorcommand ←
Previous Rotor Item
Previous Rotor Itemcommand ↑
Move to Next Item
Next Charactershift →
Next Rotorcommand →
Next Rotor Item
Next Rotor Itemcommand ↓
Notification CenterPage Up
Previous Paragraphshift Page Up
Previous Sentencecommand Page Up
Control CenterPage Down
Next Paragraphshift Page Down
Next Sentencecommand Page Down
Move to Top of ContainerHome shift
Move to Bottom of ContainerEnd shift
Move to First ItemHome
Move to Last ItemEnd
Toggle Text SelectionReturn
Toggle Screen CurtainFn -
Read Item SummaryFn 3
Read System-Focused Item SummaryFn 4
Move to System-Focused Item Summaryshift Fn 4
Read Selected TextFn 6
Open VoiceOver SettingsFn 8
Toggle Screen CurtainF11
Read Item SummaryF3
Read System-Focused Item SummaryF4
Move to System-Focused Item Summaryshift F4
Read Selected TextF6
Open VoiceOver SettingsF8