iPhone VoiceOver Commands Touch Gestures

These are recorded using an iPhone Xs Max running iOS 14.0.1 from Settings > Accessibility > VoiceOver > Commands > Touch Gestures.

Tap: 1 Finger
1 finger single tapSpeak Item
1 finger double tapActivate
1 finger triple tapLong Press
1 finger quadruple tapSecondary Activate
Tap: 2 Fingers
2 finger single tapToggle Speech
2 finger double tapMagic Tap
2 finger triple tapShow Item Chooser
2 finger quadruple tap
Tap: 3 Fingers
3 finger single tapRead Item Summary
3 finger double tapToggle Mute
3 finger triple tapToggle Screen Curtain
3 finger quadruple tapCopy Speech to Clipboard
Tap: 4 Fingers
4 finger single tap
4 finger double tapStart Help
4 finger triple tap
4 finger quadruple tap
Swipe: 1 Finger
1 finger swipe leftMove to Previous Item
1 finger swipe rightMove to Next Item
1 finger swipe upPrevious Rotor Item
1 finger swipe downNext Rotor Item
Swipe: 2 Fingers
2 finger swipe left
2 finger swipe right
2 finger swipe upRead From Top
2 finger swipe downRead All
Swipe: 3 Fingers
3 finger swipe leftScroll Right
3 finger swipe rightScroll Left
3 finger swipe upScroll Down
3 finger swipe downScroll Up
Swipe: 4 Fingers
4 finger swipe leftSwitch to Previous App
4 finger swipe rightSwith to Next App
4 finger swipe up
4 finger swipe down
2 finger rotate counterclockwisePrevious Rotor
2 finger rotate clockwiseNext Rotor
2 finger scrubEscape
Tap & Hold: 2 Fingers
2 finger single tap and holdLabel Item
Double Tap, Hold, & Flick: 3 Fingers
3 finger double tap, hold, and flick leftUndo
3 finger double tap, hold, and flick rightRedo
Back Tap
Double tap the back of your iPhone
Triple tap the back of your iPhone